Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Donations for Bear through SOS

My mom received an email from Maureen Lamb from Save Our Siberian Husky's tonight. Here is the email she sent:

Hi Lisa

At our board meeting this week we agreed to match donations sent through us up to $400 for donations made before 6 PM PST on December 17. This might encourage more people to donate.

Maureen Lamb

I am hoping any husky lover (or dog lover, for that matter!) who reads this will drop over to their website and click on the paypal button under Bears name. This poor boy has been through a lot already.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

December Already!

Wow... I missed a whole month of posting somewhere along the line. November was a boring month.

My cousin husky's family had their house burn to the ground on Thursday. They were able to rescue her but not their three cats. It makes me very sad to know that they lost everything.

Then, I was off reading the other husky blogs and I ran across Bears story and it just broke my moms and my heart. My mom instantly sent an email off to find out what she could do for Bear. She is waiting to hear back on whatever monetary donations they need that will go directly and ONLY to Bears recovery. She misses my brothers and they do eventually want to get me a new brother...but until then...she is making it her mission to help other huskies in need!

Bear...we wish you a speedy recovery!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

It's been awhile since I have posted to you other huskies and humans. I thought today would be a good day to tell you want has been going on in my life.

Do any of your humans dress you up on Halloween? I have heard the stories from my humans how they dressed up Bon on Halloween his first year. He was a Ninja Turtle and got to go to all the relatives house. He even got a pack of gum. What would a husky do with gum! Hmmmmmmmmm...don't ask!

(Bon on Halloween 1991 as a Ninja Turtle)

The reason I ask if any of you dress up is because everyone is telling me I should be a skunk this year! You might all think that is because of my beautiful black and white coat, but there is another story behind it and I dread reliving it to tell you....but here goes!

On Friday night, the 20th of October, my dad and I were outside around 7:30 pm. It was dark and we were finishing up doing all the chores outside. My mom wasn't feeling well and was inside laying down. My mom said she smelled the strongest, burning skunk smell she had ever smelled and came to the door to find us. The second she got there and heard dads voice...she knew I had gotten sprayed!

Oh was awful! And it made my beautiful coat all yellow. There was nothing close by open so my mom and dad took wet whips over my coat until they were able to get products the next day. It didn't get my face but it sure got my chest...and my nose burned like the daylights.

The whole house smelled awful! It was seeping in the basement and the vehicles and just smelled bad! Dad made the mistake of giving me my expensive bed mom just bought me and now she can't get it out of that!

The next morning...I got the worst bath of my life! If it wasn't bad enough that my coat turned they were making it red! And they made me keep it on for what seemed forever and a day! FINALLY! They washed it off but then they gave me a bath again with shampoo! I am so happy mom was busy bathing me or she would have had that darn camera taking pictures of me which I would not have wanted any of you to see!!! Anyhow....I had to stay in the utility room for what seemed like hours to dry and it still smelled skunky! Mom got her doggie perfume out and sprayed me as if I were a French Poodle going out on a date! That helped was still there. By Sunday morning I smelled much getter...I just need a new collar as mine is leather and they can't get it cleaned.

So I ask....what are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Send me pictures or send a link in the comments so I can see all your pretty costumes.

Whoooooo whoooooooo's,

Thursday, September 21, 2006

44 Huskies Rescued in WI NEED your help!

Tuesday night I heard the dreadful story on the 10:00 o'clock news that 77 Siberian Huskies had been rescued from a couples home in Rock County. They claimed that they were a rescue operation...but the dogs were covered in filth! Many of them had to be shaved down completely because the mats in their coats were so bad. To read the full story and find out more the link below.

Rescued Huskies in WI

If you know of any organzation (IL has taken about 20 of them from the intial total) or person who can help foster these beautiful animals...please contact the Rock County Humane Society in WI.

I'm Free!

That's right...I no longer had to walk on the leash!

Last Thursday was my first day off-leash after my ACL surgery and it was sooooo wonderful! I got to chase butterflies....roll in the lush grass....and roll in some other stuff that my human wasn't too happy about.

I still have a hard time getting up from laying humans say that will probably bother me for awhile...especially with the colder weather on its way.

Now before you other husky owners start howling about me being off-leash...I'll have you know that my humans spent a great deal of time training ALL their huskies to be off-leash. We have always immediately done an about face when they called our name. It takes a lot of time but is very rewarding for everyone. They always tell me that I was a very fast learner and that I should win an award. So.....

I would like to thank the academy, my humans and especially Bon and Yukon...who are no longer with us...they were the best teachers I could have had. I followed their lead and learned so much through them! Thank you! Thank you , one and all for this truly amazing award!


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Prescription Diet Treat Recipes

My vet gave these recipes to my mom so I thought I would share them with all you other huskies!

The following recipes will allow your pet to stay strictly on his/her prescribed det and still feel special and spoiled.

Bite Sized Canned Treats
Simply cut up some bite sized pices of canned Prescription Diet and bake in your microwave oven for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.

Prescription Diet Cookies (canned)
Slice the canned product into 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick pieces. Place 3 cookies on a microwave safe plate. Bake on high for 3 minutes. Turn cookies over and bake for an additional 1 to 3 minutes.
(For conventional oven bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees.)

Prescription Diet Cookies (Using dry form diets)
Grind the kibbles into flour using a blender and mix with enough water to form a dough. Shape cookies and bake them on a cookie sheet for apporximately half an hour at 350 degrees until crispy.

Three important points to remember...
1. It is very important for your pets to remain strictly on his/her prescribed diet.

2. Treats should not exceed 5% of your pets total daily intake.

3. Making these treats for your pet will change the texture but not damage the an excellent treat, while still feeding the necessary diet.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ATTN: BLOGGERS 9-11 Tribute

My mom thought this was very important and thought others should know about it too!

Please pass this along to any and all bloggers that you may know, I think it's one of the greatest things that we can use the internet for.

2,996 is a tribute to the victims of 9/11.
On September 11, 2006, 2,996 volunteer bloggers
will join together for a tribute to the victims of 9/11.
Each person will pay tribute to a single victim.
We will honor them by remembering their lives,
and not by remembering their murderers.

Go to: for more information!

A Little Setback

Haven't posted an update for's what's been going on.

On Thursday, April mom took me out for my five minute walk in the afternoon. I was all hyper and happy to be out. We walked down our property line and decided to go straight instead of turning. Ohhhhhhhh...all those new scents. I kept stopping and smelling and mom kept trying to keep me going. I was walking in circles around her and she went to get the leash in the other hand when I stopped and the leash came around me. I immediately went straight down and then let out the post painful yowl! My mom was trying to talk me out of it saying "It's okay...It's okay." but I looked up at her and she could see the intense pain in my eyes. She got me rolled on my side and then I stopped with the yowling. I got up but would not walk on my leg. We turned back and went back to the house.

After giving me pain meds and waiting until the next day, I was still not walking on it so they called the vet. He said to keep the pain meds in and bring me in on Monday.

Monday I was loaded up in the Jeep again and was not happy to be going back. They made me spend the whole day there. I got to go on a couple short walks with my new friend in the white coat and things were fine. He called my dad and told him that I had just tore some scar tissue that had built up...which can be very painful when torn. It has set me back a few days (almost a week) and what a shame because I was feeling so good and walking on my leg pretty well.

So, that's what has been happening!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Staples Removed - Post Op Day 11

I am happy to report back after a few days of inactivity...that my staples have been removed and I no longer have to wear that awful collar!

Yesterday my dad took me to the vet...and the only protest I made was when I walked in the door. Other then that ... I calmed down real fast. Everyone thought that my owners switched dogs because I didn't have a care in the world. My tail was wagging the whole time, I got to sniff a kitty and it didn't try to swat at me like the cats do at home, a little boy came over and pet me and I was just all happy as a lark.

Came time for them to take me in a room...I was fine. A lady in a white coat came in to see me....stretched my leg out and then she was gone and dad and I were back out the door. Wondered all the way out the door why I had to go to that place...then my dad said. "You were such a good girl when they took your staples out! Good Girl!" What staples out? Hmmmmmm...I didn't notice a thing.

My dad got worried because when he put me in his truck I slipped and knocked my good leg. I had it up in the air when he got home and he thought oh no! But when we went outside...I was walking on it fine.

This morning my mom took me out and I had my nose to the ground the whole time. Mom was getting irritated with me because I wasn't doing my business, but I sure had the scent of something....and then I stopped. Mom screamed as a little dark grey thing came shooting out at her. Hee hee hee...she just hates mice, moles and anything that moves fast. It was a mole and if she hadn't had me on a leash...I could have gotten rid of it for her. Don't they know I am only trying to help????

Anyhow...I am feeling so much better and life is good now that I have that darn helmet thingy off my head. Will post some pictures soon and more updates to follow.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bailey's Surgery - Day Five Post Op

I am happy to inform you that Bailey is doing SO much better. Since yesterday morning...she has stopped any signs of her crying and non-stop whimpering. I do believe she is out of the worst pain.

We had rain this morning when we went out for our morning potty break and she wanted right back in...tail wagging and all. This afternoon...she wanted to just stand, feel and smell the breeze that was blowing. It was so nice to see her actually acting happy again. She even had a little spring in her step. We have also been taking the Elizbethan collar off now when taking her out and she seems to be happy about that...until we come back in and it has to go on. She lays her head on the floor and protests as much as she can.

I got an email from a friend today asking if I was giving Bailey any Glucosamine/Chondroitin to help rebuild the weakened cartilage. I am going to stop and pick up a bottle tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else has also used this with good results? She had mentioned that her vet tried to sell her some that had higher doses but she found this to be working great! I do need to check with the vet first though as I would hate to cause any other issues with her. We also feed Science Diet Senior which also has this in it so I think I had better do a little more homework on line tonight and see if too much might be a bad thing.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has given this so please comment.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

ACL Surgery - Day Four Post Op

Before giving you Bailey's update, I would like to tell you a little bit more about ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament).

The most commonly seen injury in active dogs is a torn ligament in the knee. Dogs have the same bones and ligaments forming their knee joint as people do and they can suffer the same type of injuries. One of these ligaments, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the structure that is most frequently damaged. This is a common injury in football players, skiers, and other human athletes. Damage to the ligament occurs when the knee is twisted during weight-bearing or when the knee is hyper extended. In sporting dogs, the mechanism of injury is similar and this can occur in the field during strenuous activity. Dogs may also suffer a torn ligament during routine activities such as retrieving. An injured dog may, or may not, cry out at the time of injury. They will usually hold up the affected hind leg. Inability to use the leg is typical of a complete tear of the ligament. A partial ACL injury can also occur. In this chronic condition, the ligament becomes damaged over a prolonged time without a major traumatic event. These dogs tend to experience episodes of lameness that worsens after exercise. The result of traumatic or chronic lagament injury, is instability within the knee joint. This instability results in pain and lameness, with the possibility of arthritis in the future. The longer the unstable knee goes untreated, the more irreversible arthritic changes occurr, and less satisfactory outcomes result from the delay of surgery.

Veterinary examination of a dog with a torn ACL will usually reveal a swollen, painful knee joint. Dogs with chronic knee instability tend to develop scar tissue, which appears as a firm swelling on the inside of the affected knee. It is important for the vet to determine a chronic vs traumatic condition, as often this will determine which type of surgical repair he/she will employ. X-rays are used to support the diagnosis and to document any arthritic changes in the joint. The most reliable means of diagnosing this injury is to move the femur and tibia in a certain way to demonstrate the instability. This movement is called a "drawer sign." When a veterinarian elicits a positive drawer sign, the lower bone of the knee joint (tibia) is moved forward relative to the upper bone (femur). Simply said, the femur slides backwards on the tibia.

When Bailey had her first tear in was in February and she was romping around with Bon and Yukon in the snow. It was very icy and they were all enjoying the snow (like huskies do) when I noticed she had her paw up. We checked it out and nothing seemed to be wrong so we though she had just pulled something. A week later we noticed she would stand back from the boys playing and that was not like her and then she started completely holding it off the ground a few days later. Into the vet we went...and she was diagnosed with ACL. This veterinarian had a specialist who came in once a month to do surgeries so we had to wait a whole month yet to get her in. She assured me it was fine so we waited.

Bailey went through the first surgery very well and recoperated nicely. We had a hard time keeping her calm in the house when she knew the boys were outside, running around without her. But all went well and she had a full recovery. We do think she has arthritis already setting in that leg. She has adapted to sitting differently and has to twist around to get up. That is why I think she is having a hard time with getting up now on that leg for all her rear support with this new surgery.

Now onto Bailey's update.

What a week we have had. As I had mentioned they put a patch (Fentanyl) on Bailey that was a slow release patch for the pain. She was whining and howling and whimpering all day and night... practically 24 hours. I called the vet yesterday morning (Friday) and explained her condition and he thought maybe the patch was irritating her because the dog should be pretty much drugged and drowzy. She was aggitated and wide awake. So after much discussion...he finally said to take it off. As the day went on...she became even more aggitated and developed diarrhea...BAD! Her pupils were dialated and she was continueing salivatating. I called to tell them her condition and they said to bring her in. Once there, they gave her a shot of Buprenorphine, checked her over and sent her home. We have been putting her in the landry room as it is the smallest and most confined so she has to pretty much rest and when we brought her home...she went straight in there and laid down and we didn't hear a peep from her...until 10:30 PM. Then she started all back up again. I took her out to do her job...came back in and gave her a Rimadyl and within 20 minutes...she was out!

Today...she seems less energetic but has not shown any of the signs she has been displaying since the surgery. I am so glad as she seems to be in no pain ... or at least to a tolerable level. Below is a close up of her incision and the staples.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm in PAIN! - - Day Two Post Op

...Because I am in so much pain, my mom is going to post.....

Bailey is so sad since her ACL surgery...and in tons of pain. She has been whimpering all last night, today and yet tonight. I, myself, have just had a second hand surgery a couple weeks ago so it's been pretty hard for me during the day to tend to getting her outside with the stairs. She also is having a terrible time trying to stand up. Not sure if that is because her other leg (the first one she had done two years ago) is bothering her. We put some carpet down so she can get a better grip but it still takes her forever.

Tonight, hubby built a ramp so she is able to get out without either one of us getting hurt...her leg or my arm trying to lift her.

Tonight we sat and put more ice on but it seemed to make her more stressed and uncomfortable. Poor girl...I'm just feeling so bad for her.

She did perk up a bit when I had the camera in taking a picture...but I think she seriously thought it was a treat in my hand.

Hope tomorrow goes better. If she is not better by Saturday morning when we take the slow release pain patch off...she is going back in because she was never like this during the last surgery.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I don't feel so good - - Day One Post Op

Oh...the whole world must hate me! That's how I feel.

My people took me to the vet on Monday night because I had to have my knee fixed. They had to take me in early so they could put a pain patch on me ... but I would have none of that! They weren't able to get it on me until the next morning and ONLY after they tranquilized me. I was a complete mess.

Next thing you know...I am waking up and in such pain. My leg hurts worse now, people. I had to spend the whole day there until my people came and picked me up on Wednesday evening. When my mom came in she noticed a dog laying there talking to the vet with his owner. The doggie had two large wounds on his face and looked so sad. My mom noticed the blue eyes and a husky tail so she went over to talk to the lady. She said he had a tumor removed and was 12...almost 13. Also said she was shocked when she came to pick him up because it didn't look like her dog. He was completely shaved from head to that tip of husky tail. He also has arthritis REALLY bad. My mom and the lady went on to talking about Bon's tumor and my mom sort of got sad. I am glad I wasn't there because I hate to see mom so sad over losing the boys.

But...back to me. In spite of ALL my pain, I was so happy to see my people. However...I've been crying ALL night. I still have that patch on that is suppose to help the pain and for the last 10 minutes I have been pretty quiet. Ahhhh...the drugs finally kicked in.

My mom just had her second hand surgery in a year so I guess we will be recoperating together. She keeps petting me and telling me she knows how I feel. At least SOMEONE feels sorry for me.

Off to catch some Zzzzz's while the meds let me.

Friday, July 28, 2006

My New Friend

WOW! Have all you other huskies been experiencing the hot weather we have been? This weekend is going to be terrible here in WI all throughout the weekend! And it doesn't look like there is any end to it until later next week. Looks like everyone will have to spend time in the pool!

I am updating you all on my leg that has been hurting. I went to the vet on Tuesday morning and had to spend the WHOLE day there. You all know I absolutely hate the vets office. My dad turned around to leave and I didn't want him too...tried to stay glued to his leg but some girl started to take me away.

They put me in a kennel where I felt much better. Later, they wanted me to come out of the kennel but I was NOT going to...NO WAY! Later this nice guy came over to me and I was really scared but he got me out. He started talking to someone else and then I decided that I had better stayed glued to HIS leg. Guess he was the next best thing to my dad. Yup... my new friend in the 'white coat'!

He put me up on the table and started moving my leg around. Ouch!!! Be easy my new friend! He pretty much did that...checked a couple other things and let me back down. That wasn't so bad. Then a nice girl came over and put a pretty bandana on me and put me back in the safe kennel. mom and dad came back to the vet to get me. They met with my friend in 'the white coat' who told them that if was a torn ACL in my good leg. He also told them that I have been lucky my good leg lasted this long but we needed to have the surgery done soon as my bad leg was also getting sore now because I was using it for all my weight.

So, Monday night I have to go back to that place. They were nice so I guess it isn't so bad but I still get so scared! I can't have anything to eat after 6:00 pm. What???? No treats???? C'mon people...I NEED my treats!

My mom and dad keep saying they wonder if I will still like my new friend in 'the white coat' after Tuesday. Of course I will....I just don't like vets! :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Busy Summer

It's been awhile since I have posted in my blog! My humans have been keeping me busy. Actually, their little niece has been staying here because my mom had her second hand surgery in a year and it is her right hand so she can't do much of anything.

Speaking of surgery...I might have to have one also. Two years ago in February, I slipped on some ice while playing with the boys and tore a tendon in my leg and they had to build me a new one. The other day...I let out a big yelp after trying to race across the retaining wall and I almost fell off. I started limping a bit and so they put me on rest...however, tomorrow I have to go and see the vet as they think it may have tore the new one now. I HATE the vet. My new vet is very nice but I do not trust them. I got very afraid at the last vet and I thought if I snarled and showed my teeth they would leave me alone. Nope...they just put a darn muzzle on me instead and did that awful surgery to my leg.

Wish me luck that it is just sore and I don't have to have more surgery. Someone will post back soon my results. Below is a picture of me when I had the last surgery in 2004. See how sad I was. Oh just looked at that photo and guess what???? I am limping on the opposite leg.. I was so tramatized over the last surgery that I even forgot which one it was.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

A great earthquake shakes a stone loose from a tomb.
It is bare, the robes are empty,
And Mary cries out in fear.

The Night is dark and lonely and the day long and flat.
A life is numb; a heart is empty.
I cry out in fear.

O God, where is my center, my soul, my being?
O God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

And the disciples went to a mountain in Galilee.
They worshiped and were commanded
To go, To teach, To know....
for lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.
And fear and trembling shook the earth with joy.
- Joan Hemenway

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter

Just stopping to wish everyone a Happy Easter! This is my first Easter as the only I am wondering if I will get more eggs or less eggs?! My niece is over today helping color eggs so I know she will make sure I get lots with my name on them...even if I am not really allowed to eat that many. Anyhow....just a quick post and I will update next week when the holiday is over and everyone is less stressed.