Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Hazards

My humom would like me to post some information she thinks would be benificial to all us doggies (and kitties too)!

All humans should pay attention to what is feed to your dog. An occasional treat for him is okay, but significant departures from your dog;s usual diet can easily trigger indigestion. Avoid feeding anything spicy or fatty food. Poutlry bones should be completely avoided as they can easily splinter and break apart and lead to serious problems. While some beef bones can be safe enough for your dog to enjoy, try to be around to supervise. Also, do NOT give your dog chocolate, no matter how much he begs!!!

Make sure to chose dog friendly decoration materials and put them out of reach. Remember that holly and mistletoe are toxic to dogs. Poinsettias, though not as toxic as once thought, can still give your dog's mouth and stomach plenty of trouble. Make sure your Christmas tree is solidly upright and won't tumble down if your dog or kitty tries to climb it. In extreme cases, you may want to attach the tree to the ceiling or a nearby wall. Also make sure you dog cannot drink from the stand. Always make sure to disconnect the tree lights if your dog will be in the room without supervision.

Hope you all have a good Howlidays!