Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am still here

Hello Husky Friends!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted to my blog and many of my friends have been worried about me. I'm fine and doing great! I wasn't liking all that hot weather we had been having..and I hear a lot of you other huskies have had a lot of that as well! We have finally gotten a cool down and I hope you all have too!

I have to tell you about a beautiful husky that my human mom fell in love with, His name is Bandit. She first learned about him a few weeks back when he was featured on our local news station at noon. They have a segment on the show where they feature pets that are available for adoption at the humane society. Bandit was featured just after he had surgery to have his eyes removed because they were so badly infected and he was in such pain. My human mom said he reminded her so much of my late brother, Bon, only with a red coat.

A week internet friend sent her the link of his at the humane society and that night again...he was featured on the 5 o'clock news program. My mom kept checking the humane society site and every time she said, 'pending adoption' yet she kept hearing all this stuff on the news. So...she sent messages out to all our husky friends, the siberL list, blind dog, etc. Then, Thursday rolled around and she heard them announce that Bandit had gotten a new home. She was so excited.

Video link for those who would like to see the story.

Bandit...we are so happy for you!!!