Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Have Returned

WOW...I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted in my blog. A lot has been happening with my humans, so they don't let me on here as much as they should.

My mom got a new job in early she has been really stressed. She worked at her old job for 23 years and when she went back after her hand surgery, was promised her hours back and didn't get them after a was time for a change. She really has to adjust (and so do I!) with her new hours...which means less time for her and I to spend together in the afternoons. I really miss the time that my mom and I used to have every afternoon. Now she doesn't get home until after5 pm.

My dad hasn't been feeling well and my mom is really worried about him. He has a lump in his throat that the doctor told them was something called a goiter. He was on medication to see if it helped but it didn't so now he has to go in and have biopsy. They have been waiting a long time to get in....and he finally goes this Tuesday to get that done. I sure hope my dad is okay...because he is my BEST friend. I love my dad, but I am a daddy's girl and he is really special to me.

Then, at the end of January, we had to say goodbye to my kitty sister, Nala. She started eating the artifical Christmas tree in December and they notice her getting sick a lot with the artifical branch stuff in it. So they took her to the vet, but there was no blockage. She continued to get sick and they couldn't find anything, so they did an endoscopy and found seven leisons in her. They sent them off, and in the meantime...she ended up going to another clinic to have an ultrasound. The ultrasound and the endoscopy both showed some sort of cancer that had started to affect other organs. My mom was devistated (dad was too) but Nala was a Momma's kitty. They started her on Prednisone that Sunday and by Monday evening, she had litterally given up. My parents were very sad and took Nala away in the Jeep. She laid in the blanket all the way to the clinic on Mom's lap. Mom said their vet cried right along with them the whole time they said goodbye. We all miss her very much.

We had a very long, cold winter with lots of snow here in Wisconsin....not that I minded being a husky...but the snow is just about all melted and the days are getting longer and I get lots of extra time outside in the evenings. My human's niece was out this past weekend and we had a blast. Although, I got tired pretty fast, she wore me out. Teenagers!

I should also mention that we never got the other husky. My mom was worried about her aggressiveness and didn't want anything to happen to me. Mom still wants a friend for me to spend time with during the day as she feels guilty that she is not home as early for me anymore.

Anyhow...that's been what has going on at our end. I'll be catching up with all my husky pals soon!

Woo whoo's,