Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Little Setback

Haven't posted an update for's what's been going on.

On Thursday, April mom took me out for my five minute walk in the afternoon. I was all hyper and happy to be out. We walked down our property line and decided to go straight instead of turning. Ohhhhhhhh...all those new scents. I kept stopping and smelling and mom kept trying to keep me going. I was walking in circles around her and she went to get the leash in the other hand when I stopped and the leash came around me. I immediately went straight down and then let out the post painful yowl! My mom was trying to talk me out of it saying "It's okay...It's okay." but I looked up at her and she could see the intense pain in my eyes. She got me rolled on my side and then I stopped with the yowling. I got up but would not walk on my leg. We turned back and went back to the house.

After giving me pain meds and waiting until the next day, I was still not walking on it so they called the vet. He said to keep the pain meds in and bring me in on Monday.

Monday I was loaded up in the Jeep again and was not happy to be going back. They made me spend the whole day there. I got to go on a couple short walks with my new friend in the white coat and things were fine. He called my dad and told him that I had just tore some scar tissue that had built up...which can be very painful when torn. It has set me back a few days (almost a week) and what a shame because I was feeling so good and walking on my leg pretty well.

So, that's what has been happening!

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