Saturday, August 12, 2006

Staples Removed - Post Op Day 11

I am happy to report back after a few days of inactivity...that my staples have been removed and I no longer have to wear that awful collar!

Yesterday my dad took me to the vet...and the only protest I made was when I walked in the door. Other then that ... I calmed down real fast. Everyone thought that my owners switched dogs because I didn't have a care in the world. My tail was wagging the whole time, I got to sniff a kitty and it didn't try to swat at me like the cats do at home, a little boy came over and pet me and I was just all happy as a lark.

Came time for them to take me in a room...I was fine. A lady in a white coat came in to see me....stretched my leg out and then she was gone and dad and I were back out the door. Wondered all the way out the door why I had to go to that place...then my dad said. "You were such a good girl when they took your staples out! Good Girl!" What staples out? Hmmmmmm...I didn't notice a thing.

My dad got worried because when he put me in his truck I slipped and knocked my good leg. I had it up in the air when he got home and he thought oh no! But when we went outside...I was walking on it fine.

This morning my mom took me out and I had my nose to the ground the whole time. Mom was getting irritated with me because I wasn't doing my business, but I sure had the scent of something....and then I stopped. Mom screamed as a little dark grey thing came shooting out at her. Hee hee hee...she just hates mice, moles and anything that moves fast. It was a mole and if she hadn't had me on a leash...I could have gotten rid of it for her. Don't they know I am only trying to help????

Anyhow...I am feeling so much better and life is good now that I have that darn helmet thingy off my head. Will post some pictures soon and more updates to follow.

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