Friday, July 28, 2006

My New Friend

WOW! Have all you other huskies been experiencing the hot weather we have been? This weekend is going to be terrible here in WI all throughout the weekend! And it doesn't look like there is any end to it until later next week. Looks like everyone will have to spend time in the pool!

I am updating you all on my leg that has been hurting. I went to the vet on Tuesday morning and had to spend the WHOLE day there. You all know I absolutely hate the vets office. My dad turned around to leave and I didn't want him too...tried to stay glued to his leg but some girl started to take me away.

They put me in a kennel where I felt much better. Later, they wanted me to come out of the kennel but I was NOT going to...NO WAY! Later this nice guy came over to me and I was really scared but he got me out. He started talking to someone else and then I decided that I had better stayed glued to HIS leg. Guess he was the next best thing to my dad. Yup... my new friend in the 'white coat'!

He put me up on the table and started moving my leg around. Ouch!!! Be easy my new friend! He pretty much did that...checked a couple other things and let me back down. That wasn't so bad. Then a nice girl came over and put a pretty bandana on me and put me back in the safe kennel. mom and dad came back to the vet to get me. They met with my friend in 'the white coat' who told them that if was a torn ACL in my good leg. He also told them that I have been lucky my good leg lasted this long but we needed to have the surgery done soon as my bad leg was also getting sore now because I was using it for all my weight.

So, Monday night I have to go back to that place. They were nice so I guess it isn't so bad but I still get so scared! I can't have anything to eat after 6:00 pm. What???? No treats???? C'mon people...I NEED my treats!

My mom and dad keep saying they wonder if I will still like my new friend in 'the white coat' after Tuesday. Of course I will....I just don't like vets! :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Busy Summer

It's been awhile since I have posted in my blog! My humans have been keeping me busy. Actually, their little niece has been staying here because my mom had her second hand surgery in a year and it is her right hand so she can't do much of anything.

Speaking of surgery...I might have to have one also. Two years ago in February, I slipped on some ice while playing with the boys and tore a tendon in my leg and they had to build me a new one. The other day...I let out a big yelp after trying to race across the retaining wall and I almost fell off. I started limping a bit and so they put me on rest...however, tomorrow I have to go and see the vet as they think it may have tore the new one now. I HATE the vet. My new vet is very nice but I do not trust them. I got very afraid at the last vet and I thought if I snarled and showed my teeth they would leave me alone. Nope...they just put a darn muzzle on me instead and did that awful surgery to my leg.

Wish me luck that it is just sore and I don't have to have more surgery. Someone will post back soon my results. Below is a picture of me when I had the last surgery in 2004. See how sad I was. Oh just looked at that photo and guess what???? I am limping on the opposite leg.. I was so tramatized over the last surgery that I even forgot which one it was.