Sunday, July 23, 2006

Busy Summer

It's been awhile since I have posted in my blog! My humans have been keeping me busy. Actually, their little niece has been staying here because my mom had her second hand surgery in a year and it is her right hand so she can't do much of anything.

Speaking of surgery...I might have to have one also. Two years ago in February, I slipped on some ice while playing with the boys and tore a tendon in my leg and they had to build me a new one. The other day...I let out a big yelp after trying to race across the retaining wall and I almost fell off. I started limping a bit and so they put me on rest...however, tomorrow I have to go and see the vet as they think it may have tore the new one now. I HATE the vet. My new vet is very nice but I do not trust them. I got very afraid at the last vet and I thought if I snarled and showed my teeth they would leave me alone. Nope...they just put a darn muzzle on me instead and did that awful surgery to my leg.

Wish me luck that it is just sore and I don't have to have more surgery. Someone will post back soon my results. Below is a picture of me when I had the last surgery in 2004. See how sad I was. Oh just looked at that photo and guess what???? I am limping on the opposite leg.. I was so tramatized over the last surgery that I even forgot which one it was.


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