Saturday, September 29, 2007

What Are They Thinking?

Yikes...another month has past since I have posted a new blog post. I have really been meaning to write, but we had a vacation in that time and then some other stuff has been going on.

I have been noticing my humans bringing a lot of stuff out. One of those things has been an older crate. I have also been hearing them doing a lot of talking about...another HUSKY????? Dad has been talking about a puppy and then I hear mom saying she wants to rescue. There has been so much talk that I have no clue what they are up to. Mom wants me to have another dog to keep me company during the day...she says I am lonely now that she has gone back to work again. Then in the next sentence...she keeps asking me if I like being the only dog. Of course I do...I get ALL the treats!

So, one day my dad comes home and she says there is a lady in the next town over who rescued a siberian from our humane society three and a half years ago but now her husband wants the dog out of the house. My mom was all excited...until she talked to the lady. This dog has never been socialized with other dogs, except for a male husky next door to their house. Her mom says that she gets very aggressive towards other dogs when they are out walking. That part got my mom really worried. Bringing another female into the house who is bossy, and only five years old. I'm 11 1/2 and no spring chicken anymore, ya know! Other then that issue, she is very loving I hear.

Here is a picture of the "Princess Kita" that thinks she is going to come and live at MY house. They are going to meet her and her owner tomorrow and then set up a date for Kita to come and meet ME.

Does anyone have any suggestions on our first meeting for my Mom?