Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm in PAIN! - - Day Two Post Op

...Because I am in so much pain, my mom is going to post.....

Bailey is so sad since her ACL surgery...and in tons of pain. She has been whimpering all last night, today and yet tonight. I, myself, have just had a second hand surgery a couple weeks ago so it's been pretty hard for me during the day to tend to getting her outside with the stairs. She also is having a terrible time trying to stand up. Not sure if that is because her other leg (the first one she had done two years ago) is bothering her. We put some carpet down so she can get a better grip but it still takes her forever.

Tonight, hubby built a ramp so she is able to get out without either one of us getting hurt...her leg or my arm trying to lift her.

Tonight we sat and put more ice on but it seemed to make her more stressed and uncomfortable. Poor girl...I'm just feeling so bad for her.

She did perk up a bit when I had the camera in taking a picture...but I think she seriously thought it was a treat in my hand.

Hope tomorrow goes better. If she is not better by Saturday morning when we take the slow release pain patch off...she is going back in because she was never like this during the last surgery.

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