Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

It's been awhile since I have posted to you other huskies and humans. I thought today would be a good day to tell you want has been going on in my life.

Do any of your humans dress you up on Halloween? I have heard the stories from my humans how they dressed up Bon on Halloween his first year. He was a Ninja Turtle and got to go to all the relatives house. He even got a pack of gum. What would a husky do with gum! Hmmmmmmmmm...don't ask!

(Bon on Halloween 1991 as a Ninja Turtle)

The reason I ask if any of you dress up is because everyone is telling me I should be a skunk this year! You might all think that is because of my beautiful black and white coat, but there is another story behind it and I dread reliving it to tell you....but here goes!

On Friday night, the 20th of October, my dad and I were outside around 7:30 pm. It was dark and we were finishing up doing all the chores outside. My mom wasn't feeling well and was inside laying down. My mom said she smelled the strongest, burning skunk smell she had ever smelled and came to the door to find us. The second she got there and heard dads voice...she knew I had gotten sprayed!

Oh my...it was awful! And it made my beautiful coat all yellow. There was nothing close by open so my mom and dad took wet whips over my coat until they were able to get products the next day. It didn't get my face but it sure got my chest...and my nose burned like the daylights.

The whole house smelled awful! It was seeping in the basement and the vehicles and just smelled bad! Dad made the mistake of giving me my expensive bed mom just bought me and now she can't get it out of that!

The next morning...I got the worst bath of my life! If it wasn't bad enough that my coat turned yellow...now they were making it red! And they made me keep it on for what seemed forever and a day! FINALLY! They washed it off but then they gave me a bath again with shampoo! I am so happy mom was busy bathing me or she would have had that darn camera taking pictures of me which I would not have wanted any of you to see!!! Anyhow....I had to stay in the utility room for what seemed like hours to dry and it still smelled skunky! Mom got her doggie perfume out and sprayed me as if I were a French Poodle going out on a date! That helped but...it was still there. By Sunday morning I smelled much getter...I just need a new collar as mine is leather and they can't get it cleaned.

So I ask....what are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Send me pictures or send a link in the comments so I can see all your pretty costumes.

Whoooooo whoooooooo's,


IndyPindy said...

My mommy didn't dress me up this year, thank GOODNESS!

IndyPindy said...

Oh, come check out the eBay auction fundraiser that our Northern breed resuce is having, there is lots of cool Husky stuff!