Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I don't feel so good - - Day One Post Op

Oh...the whole world must hate me! That's how I feel.

My people took me to the vet on Monday night because I had to have my knee fixed. They had to take me in early so they could put a pain patch on me ... but I would have none of that! They weren't able to get it on me until the next morning and ONLY after they tranquilized me. I was a complete mess.

Next thing you know...I am waking up and in such pain. My leg hurts worse now, people. I had to spend the whole day there until my people came and picked me up on Wednesday evening. When my mom came in she noticed a dog laying there talking to the vet with his owner. The doggie had two large wounds on his face and looked so sad. My mom noticed the blue eyes and a husky tail so she went over to talk to the lady. She said he had a tumor removed and was 12...almost 13. Also said she was shocked when she came to pick him up because it didn't look like her dog. He was completely shaved from head to that tip of husky tail. He also has arthritis REALLY bad. My mom and the lady went on to talking about Bon's tumor and my mom sort of got sad. I am glad I wasn't there because I hate to see mom so sad over losing the boys.

But...back to me. In spite of ALL my pain, I was so happy to see my people. However...I've been crying ALL night. I still have that patch on that is suppose to help the pain and for the last 10 minutes I have been pretty quiet. Ahhhh...the drugs finally kicked in.

My mom just had her second hand surgery in a year so I guess we will be recoperating together. She keeps petting me and telling me she knows how I feel. At least SOMEONE feels sorry for me.

Off to catch some Zzzzz's while the meds let me.

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