Sunday, June 01, 2008

Prayers for Bailey

Please keep Bailey in your thoughs and prayers. She has not been well.

Last month, we took her in for her senior wellness exam. They did a CBC and all looked well...except for her Alk.Ptase. The average range is suppose to be somewhere between 13-289....Bailey's was 1,227. Our vet put her on a medication for a month to see if she would do better.

Thursday was Bailey's one month checkup with her medication. Her blood count was taken again and is now at 1,334. Radiographs were taken and her liver looked fine from one view...but from a top view, there was some area that wasn't shaped right. Bailey also showed signs of extreme athritis. We knew she had some because of her two acl surgeries...but we also have begun to notice she was humping up a bit after laying down for awhile. Three of her vertibraes are inverted on her spine now. Our vet explained that they do that to protect itself. Poor girl...we are just so upset for her.

Blood work has been sent off to Marshfield and will be back on Monday or Tuesday and will tell us what might be going on with her. I am trying to think possitive, but we just went through this same senerio in January with Nala, and we lost her. I cannot imagine anything happening to our Bailey as she is the world to us.

Please keep her in your thoughts and send lots of good husky vibes her way.