Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ultra sound Results

Bailey had her ultra sound last week and there were no tumors. A needle biopsy was taken on her liver as our vet said it is a 'different texture". The results need to be sent off to Marshfield here in WI and we will know sometime this coming week what is going on. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it is nothing serious.

Bailey had to have her tummy shaved for the ultra sound. Poor girl, as she got a bad bruise off of them shaving her. I noticed today that she has gotten a little pink coloring to her skin. We have been trying to keep her out of the sun, but it is kind of hard when we have her out with us and it does hit that area on both sidees.

Does anyone have any ideas for anything that can be put on her? I'm afraid to use anything as she must be licking and scratching that area as well.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Update

I am sorry I have not updated everyone on Bailey. We have had major flooding here in WI and our phone lines were down for about a week as well. Bailey went in this morning to have her ultrasound done and a biopsy on her liver. We are crossing our fingers on this all.

The Glyco-flex has kicked in for her and she is acting like a puppy again. Springing around and running around. She still is stiff when she gets up from laying down because of her spine, but we are so happy to see that she doesn't want to stop running around.

I promise I will update everyone as soon as we get any information from the vet. Please continue to keep Bay in your thoughts and prayers!

Bailey's HuMom - Lisa