Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 11 years old. I was not able to have too many treats because I am on a new diet with my Pancreatitis. It sucks. make things even mom tried to put one of those hats on my head. I would have nothing to do with it know my mom...she just HAD to get a picture of me with it on so dad had to try and hold it on. Shesh! was a good day! I just would have liked lots and lots more treats!

For those who are wondering...I am feeling much better. I was still on some medications as I was having some dark stools and they thought maybe I had some ulcers going on. My meds stopped on Thursday morning and we will see how I continue to feel.

Anyhow....I am off to see if there are any treats hiding someplace.