Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where does the time go?

Here we are....the middle of October already. Where did FALL go? We went out driving around last huMom was looking for something called 'colors'. It's a good thing we did...because she made us do that again yesterday and everything was completely changed.

My huMom is so depressed that she missed all these 'colors' because of her job keeping her indoors all day....and she is complaining about what is now behind this season. Shesh...I can't wait.....SNOW!!!!!!!!!

Then...there is my huMom's niece who is here this weekend keeping me company. The thing is...she isn't doing such a good job at it. She is building a CATHOUSE with my dad. What the heck is that all about?

Gosh..I sure hope my head can fit in that hole. :o) Oh...I guess it isn't staying here anyhow. She babysits for a little girl who has a cat that lives outside because their other cat does not get along with it. So..they are building it something to keep warm this winter. That kitty needs a warm husky coat if you ask me!

And for those who asked....I am doing good. I will be going back next month for some more labs. I promise I will make sure my huMom keeps you updated on if they find anything.

Hope all you doggies are out enjoying the wonderful weather this weekend!