Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Donations for Bear through SOS

My mom received an email from Maureen Lamb from Save Our Siberian Husky's tonight. Here is the email she sent:

Hi Lisa

At our board meeting this week we agreed to match donations sent through us up to $400 for donations made before 6 PM PST on December 17. This might encourage more people to donate.

Maureen Lamb

I am hoping any husky lover (or dog lover, for that matter!) who reads this will drop over to their website and click on the paypal button under Bears name. This poor boy has been through a lot already.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

December Already!

Wow... I missed a whole month of posting somewhere along the line. November was a boring month.

My cousin husky's family had their house burn to the ground on Thursday. They were able to rescue her but not their three cats. It makes me very sad to know that they lost everything.

Then, I was off reading the other husky blogs and I ran across Bears story and it just broke my moms and my heart. My mom instantly sent an email off to find out what she could do for Bear. She is waiting to hear back on whatever monetary donations they need that will go directly and ONLY to Bears recovery. She misses my brothers and they do eventually want to get me a new brother...but until then...she is making it her mission to help other huskies in need!

Bear...we wish you a speedy recovery!