Friday, November 14, 2008

Help Find Coda

Our Siberian Husky Ticoda, "Coda", has been missing since 4/29/08 from Higganum/Durham, CT.Under unfortunate circumstances, he escaped out of the yard with our younger female husky "Foxy". They are escape artists and ran away on several occasions.However, they have ALWAYS made it back home together, they NEVER separated. On this day, something went terribly wrong. Foxy made it back home, but Coda did not. This was very odd.We've spent allot of money in newspaper ads, pet detectives, pet search sites, online ads, fliers, gas, pet psychics..We have had him on our high school public t.v. station HK-TV, WFSB Channel 3 with Scot Haney and Liz Bennett's "Bandits Place". We have sent fliers to animal control offices across the State, animal rescues, animal hospitals.... We have done EVERYTHING that we could think of and are still coming up with new ways to reach out to the world to help us find Coda or get any information on his disappearance.We did have 2 people threaten to shoot our "kids" previous to this day and had a call from a breeder down the street from us stating that our neighbor has shot 3 of her dogs, killing one. We had the State Police question 2 of the people and they denied any wrong doing. But..who would admit to such a horrible crime? Our female Siberian, Foxy, has gone through separation anxiety, depression and an overall change in behavior since Coda went missing. She misses him dearly...when we go for rides in the car, she hangs her head out of the window and I know..she is looking for him.As for myself, there is not one minute that goes by that I do not wonder if he is dead, alive, safe, in's the most heart wrenching feeling in the world. Every night I go to bed asking why he isn't lying next to me. My house has a empty feeling. I'm lost and miserable without him. We need this nightmare to end. We need closure. We need to get Coda home.

Please help Coda's family in finding him.

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