Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kita is still missing

Kita, a siberian husky that my humans were going to have come live with me is still missing. Below is a post from her human.

Hi, can you please help me? My dog Kita ran away on 3/27/08 when she was in the backyard on the leash and her collar broke. She has no tags, but she is microchipped. She is about 5 years old, I rescued her from a humane society 4 years ago and I really miss her. She is very friendly with people, but not so much with other dogs or cats. She loves to run so she could be anywhere by now, I just hope that she's ok. If you have her please contact me ASAP, my son asks where his doggie is everyday! Can call Amy @ 608-798-4996 with any info.

Kita has bery distintive markings, so she should be easy to identify if seen. She lives in Cross Plains, WI...which is in Dane County, just outside of Madison. If you have seen Kita anywhere, please contact her owner, Amy.

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Holly said...

Poor Kita!!! I soooo hope she is found soon and come live with you! How sad! Hopefully someone will find her and turn her in to the shelter where they can scan her. Please keep us updated!! I will send some Malamute vibers her way for a safe return.