Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow! finally snowed and my mom took some photos of me playing around the other day. She is so happy that I was bouncing and playing around again.

My mom has been concerned about me since I am done taking my antibiotics. I have been having an occassional dark (almost black) and shiny stool. My mom is worried because that is a sign of blood being absorbed back into the system. So she called the vet and they now have me on pepsid and something else that I don't like that I have to take every night. They are treating me for ulcers. All are hoping that is all it is otherwise the vet is concerned it may be something down lower. Wish me luck. I've had way too much going on in the last six months and don't need any more stuff going on. I'm just happy to be out here running through the snow!!!! Yippee!

Sure wish I had another puppy to play tag with...I miss my brothers. This is the first year without either one of them and it's lonely with no one to tackle. Oh wait! Mom said her niece is coming out to play with me tomorrow! I love to help her build stuff. Well...I try to help but she thinks I destroy her snowmen and angels and all!
Stop back soon to see Anna and I playing in the snow!
Wooo wooo!

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IndyPindy said...

I hope your feel better soon. I have a sensitive stomach and food allergies, so I understand have yucky poop. My humans always look at my poop and talk about it and analyze it. I hate that!